Quantitative Risk Assessment

SAIPH QRA Software

A QRA tool built for onshore chemical and petrochemical facilities, SAIPH calculates the risks from hazards for a range of metrics. Results produced by SAIPH can be used to identify sources of high risk allowing action to be taken to eliminate or significantly reduce those risks.
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Committed to making your life easier

SAIPH's modern user interface is built to be clutter free and easy to navigate. Quickly access input data, reporting and analysis tools from the dedicated toolbars.
Image showing F-N curves in SAIPHImage showing release points in SAIPH

Focus on the data

SAIPH is optimised to process data efficiently and deliver detailed, extensive reports quickly.
Image showing IRPA in SAIPHImage showing transects in SAIPH

Features at a glance

Add release points and lines and user defined releases
Import your own frequency and consequence analysis
Include populated regions and areas of high congestion
Tailor the analysis to your site to include windrose, fatality factors and hole size distributions
Generate risk contours and transects for LSIR and exceedence
Produce detailed reports for IRPA and occupied buildings
Create F-N and explosion exceedence curves
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