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Activating a Node Locked License

License Button
License Button

To lock a license to a particular machine:

1. Go to the license page and click the Online Activation Tab,

2. Paste in the Activation Key and press the activate button. 

Online activation may not work if SAIPH cannot get access to the internet (for example due to proxy servers).  If this is the case then perform offline activation, to do this:

Go to the self help site (a link can be found on the Orion website),

Click Activate License,

Paste in the Activation Key,

Select SAIPH 1.0 from the dropdown menu,

Paste in your computer Id (User Identifier in SAIPH on offline activation tab),

Check the privacy policy (do not check the generate license file checkbox),

Click Activate,

Paste the computer key into SAIPH License Key box (on offline activation tab) and press the Activate button on the offline activation tab.

The license screen shows the number of days left on the license and also the expiry time and date. If a

license key is within 14 days of expiry then the license screen is shown on starting SAIPH.

The license screen for a valid license is shown below.

Advisory Note
Advisory Note